Our Roadmap

Firstly, we would like to apologize for an incomplete site. We wanted to get the working site to you guys on November 3rd as promised. To accomplish that, our team has been working days and nights to accomplish that. Few things we planned, we were not able to implement due to short in time, thus we have postponed it. Also, as for the videos we chose not to fully migrate the existing database to the new one because, while we were testing the clips, more than 60% of the clips were broken. So, we chose to start fresh.

We will be actively working on the site, both on contents and the site performance. Listed below is the order of how we're going to go forward on the future development.

Our Workorder

  1. Merge the movies from the old site.
  2. Bug on the news landing page (All news labelled as Cinema News).
  3. Video Hits never got updated.
  4. Mp3 hits never got updated.
  5. Add Facebook Commenting system for news articles.
  6. Change the upcoming movies to Trailers on the homepage.
  7. Mobile site fixes
  8. Adding serials & shows
  9. Playlists page implemented
  10. Registered users can upload videos (and it will be live on site upon admin revision)
  11. Gallery implemented
  12. Funny photos added.
  13. Tamil Comedy videos on the videos landing page.
  14. User uploaded videos control panel
  15. Add more Non-Stop live radios
  16. Playlist Page
  17. Bug with the user registration activation. (User can navigate through the site with no issues, just the activation link broke)
  18. Fix some known bugs on the Music Player
  19. Video Player revamp
  20. User uploaded videos control panel
  21. Individual Pages for artistsWork in progress
  22. Tamil NewsWork in progress
  23. Funny Pages MakeoverWork in progress
  24. News badge fixWork in progress
  25. User Subscriptions

We also would like to thank you for your continuous support.
- TamilForce Team